• Keep It Cool

    Cryotherapy is an amazing way to help your body feel better.

    Cryotherapy is an amazing way to help your body feel better. It’s used widely by athletes for recovery after intense training as well as by anyone who is looking for pain management. Inflammation is the root of a lot of our bodies aches and pains and Cryotherapy can reduce inflammation helping to effectively manage pain and discomfort.
  • Pure Relaxation

    With flotation therapy you can recover and relax in a way you didn’t think was possible

    Floatation therapy is a luxurious way to soothe and heal the body. Life’s daily pressures place our bodies under stress both physically and mentally. Floating will allow you to experience total relaxation and deep healing in a private and peaceful space. It’s truly the ultimate ESCAPE!
  • Feel the Pulse

    Normatec pulse massage system for rapid recovery

    The NormaTec Recovery System is an air pressure massage indicated to temporarily relieve minor muscle aches and/or pains and to increase circulation to the treated areas.
    Many professional and collegiate sports teams have incorporated NormaTec into their training facilities to help give their athletes a competitive edge.
    Come relax and recover with NormaTec!
  • Know Your Body

    Medical Body Composition Analysis – Take a deeper look from the inside out.

    Experience a cutting-edge bioelectrical impedance analysis with the seca mBCA. Our non-invasive assessment provides an in-depth analysis measuring fat mass, fat-free mass, total body water, intracellular water, extracellular water, and skeletal muscle mass in a rapid 17 seconds. Distinguish between muscle gain and fat loss and understand the real health benefits even when your weight remains the same.

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